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Iranian weapons for Hezbollah?
Media visit to Beirut airport
abruptly cancelled

Richard Krauss

24. Juni 2024

What is being hidden? Cancellation of the
airport tour in Beirut raises questions

Recent developments around Beirut International Airport have raised renewed questions about security and stability in the region. In the midst of the debate over alleged arms deliveries from Iran to Hezbollah, a tour of the airport was organized to counter the allegations. But the tour, which was supposed to bring clarity, ended abruptly when media representatives were denied access to the air cargo center.

It was a carefully planned visit designed to show international journalists that no military activities take place at the airport. The Lebanese authorities had stressed that the allegations were unfounded and that the airport was used exclusively for civilian purposes. But just before the group could enter the particularly sensitive area of ​​the air cargo center, the tour was unexpectedly canceled.

The sudden cancellation sparks speculation about possible reasons and increases suspicions that something is being hidden.

Reports have been circulating for weeks claiming that Iran is supplying weapons to Hezbollah via civilian flights. These allegations come at a time when the traditional route through Damascus airport is becoming increasingly unsafe due to repeated Israeli attacks on arms shipments. The Israeli army recently released satellite images purporting to show Hezbollah missile depots near Beirut airport. These images have heightened international concerns that the airport is serving as a new corridor for arms smuggling.

Israel has made it clear that it will not hesitate to intervene militarily if it turns out that the airport is indeed being used to transport weapons. This threat has increased the risk of escalation and put pressure on the Lebanese authorities to refute the allegations. Lebanon is thus caught in a delicate position, between the demand for transparency and the need to protect national security interests.

The refusal to grant media access to the air cargo center has sparked a wave of speculation. There are speculations that the airport actually serves as a transit point for Iranian weapons and that the Lebanese authorities or Hezbollah want to hide these activities from prying eyes. Another theory is that the Lebanese authorities feared that a full media inspection would reveal evidence of military activities that could be viewed critically internationally. This would further strain the already tense relationship with Israel and Western states.

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