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Police operation in front
of the Israeli embassy in Belgrade

Richard Krauss

29. Juni 2024

Attacker neutralized

Belgrade, June 29, 2024 - A serious incident occurred today in front of the Israeli Embassy in Belgrade. A man attacked a police officer guarding the entrance to the embassy with a bow and arrow.

The attacker hit the police officer in the neck, whereupon the officer opened fire, fatally wounding the attacker. The injured police officer was immediately taken to hospital and is conscious, according to the Serbian Interior Ministry.

The embassy was closed at the time of the attack and staff were absent. Serbian Deputy Interior Minister Ivica Dačić stated that investigations into the incident have already begun. Neither the attacker's motive nor his identity are currently known.

Following the incident, security measures around the diplomatic missions in Belgrade have been tightened.

Source: Serbian Interior Ministry

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