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Middle East / Israel: More attacks from Lebanon on Northern Israel.
Dead and injured in Rafah.

Richard Krauss

22. Juni 2024

Situation on the border with Lebanon is escalating

On June 21, 2024, according to Israeli media reports, an airstrike in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip left 25 people dead and several people injured. The Israeli military (IDF) then launched an investigation to determine whether the IDF was responsible for the attack. The IDF's initial investigation findings found that there was no evidence that the attack took place in a humanitarian area marked by them.

According to the IDF, the attack targeted a Hamas target based on precise intelligence.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the incident a "tragic accident" and stressed that military operations would continue to defeat Hamas. There was significant international pressure and criticism of Israel over the civilian casualties in these operations.

The IDF's investigation suggested that the attack may have been caused by secondary explosions, which could indicate that hidden weapons or ammunition detonated near the impact site.

UN Secretary-General Guterres expressed concern about the increasing tensions between Israel and the Lebanese Hezbollah. He stressed that Lebanon must not become a "second Gaza". UN peacekeepers are working to calm the situation and avoid misunderstandings.

Qatar reported that progress had been made in ceasefire talks in the Gaza Strip, but some issues still remain unresolved.

Armenia officially recognized a Palestinian state, the Armenian Foreign Ministry said. Dr. Fadel Naim, the director of Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City, reported that about 30 bodies killed in Israeli attacks in different parts of the city were brought to his hospital.

The Iranian mission to the United Nations said Hezbollah was ready and able to defend itself and Lebanon against Israel. She warned that "perhaps the time has come for the self-destruction of this illegitimate regime."

The Israeli military announced that two reservists were killed in the Gaza Strip on Thursday. The soldiers, Sergeant First Class (Res.) Omer Smadga of Ganot Hadar and Sergeant First Class (Res.) Saadia Yaakov Dery of Tel Aviv, both served in the 9203rd Infantry Battalion of the Alexandroni Brigade.

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