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Israel: The security situation in the evening on the Israeli northern border

Richard Krauss

19. Juni 2024

The Israeli army (IDF) is taking action against Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon.

Middle East: Increasing tensions on Israel's northern border

Tensions between Israel, Hezbollah and Iran have reached a new peak today. The focus is on Hezbollah's recent intensive rocket and drone attacks on northern Israel. These attacks are part of an ongoing escalation that has been ongoing since the Hams terrorist attack on October 7, 2023.

Hezbollah, supported by Iran, has systematically fired rockets at military and civilian targets in Israel and is increasingly using drones. This technology enables more precise attacks and significantly increases the threat level. Israel responded quickly and carried out targeted air strikes on Hezbollah's strategic positions in southern Lebanon, including military complexes and weapons depots in Ayta ash Shab and Taybeh.

These attacks are intended to weaken Hezbollah's military power and prevent further attacks. Iran plays a central role in this conflict as a financier of Hezbollah's terror and uses this proxy conflict to expand its regional influence and its futile attempt to weaken Israel.

The military clashes along the border have had significant humanitarian consequences. In the Israeli border areas, people live in constant fear of new attacks. This constant threat places a heavy burden on the quality of life of the affected population.

In the coming hours and tomorrow, the situation between Israel and Lebanon may escalate further. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have increased their readiness and taken key decisions to respond to potential threats from Lebanon. Following recent Hezbollah attacks, including a drone strike on northern Israel, the IDF has reinforced its troops on the northern border and increased operational readiness to repel attacks from Lebanon.

The Israeli army has approved plans for a possible offensive against Hezbollah in Lebanon and accelerated the readiness of ground forces. These measures come in response to Hezbollah drone videos showing sensitive locations in northern Israel, which are seen as a direct provocation.

The IDF has subsequently carried out attacks on Hezbollah weapons depots in southern Lebanon. Diplomatic efforts are aimed at preventing further escalation, which is crucial given the intense military activity. The Israeli army has already carried out retaliatory measures against Hezbollah and carried out precise strikes on military targets in Lebanon to prevent further attacks and strengthen deterrence.

In anticipation of further escalations, Israel has installed additional mobile bomb shelters in the north to protect civilians.

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